Befria Foods more about us
We all love to eat. 
Some of us like to experiment and try new things, some like to fall back to the comfort foods that Mom made. The one common thing with all of us, we just love the experience of food. Befria’s Management team knows this.  Years of experience in retail has given us insight into what the customers want, what they really need.

The science of our store is the science of knowing you.  

Old World Experience

Before we came to the United States, we shopped the marketplaces.  The village squares, the farmers markets, the market lanes and small shops brought what we observed to our new stores here in America.  The flavors, the smells, but most important, the experience.

Befria understands food does not come in a box or a bag.  Your meal is a combination of ingredients, skill and yes, love.  It is very easy to grab a package of this or order a pre-set meal in a box online, but the experience starts with the selection.  The fresh fruit and vegetables, rolling them in your hands, finding just the correct ripeness for your discerning taste.

We bring the Old World Market into the 21st century and do it with community in mind.

Crossroads of Old and New

Befria is a New World company.  We are aware of the environmental issues.  We are aware of the economic issues. We are also aware that you want to personally pick only best for you and your family.  Grabbing a plastic box of tomatoes or a bag of oranges is convenient but not hand picked with your personal level of inspection and choice.  These are your standards you want met, who better to do it than you.

Take that to all the food you buy.  The just right amount of flour, the ‘only need a handful’ of walnuts, a pinch of this, a dash of that to fill the needs of your special recipe.  In the Old World, you went to the market and this is exactly what happened, you got what you wanted and needed.

What is in a Name?

Befria is Swedish for liberation.  We strive to live up to our name, we want to free your experience with food.  The freedom to choose from thousands of items, the amount you want.  The product is fresh, the store is clean. We have technology to support you in the store and will follow you home. Our goal is to free you every step of your food journey.

For us, our journey is starts by taking away the restraints of the package and opening up all the freedoms we can for you to experience food.

Doing Business with Befria


Please use the form below to contact us about present your product for sale in our stores.  While we pride ourselves in finding product around the world, sometimes even we can miss something that is very exciting and new.

Interested in a Franchise

If you think you want to be part of the Befria family, use the form and select FRANCHISE information.  We will be glad to talk with you and outline what it takes to join the growing Befria family.