Befria Foods Unpackaged for Life

The joy is in the eating and the sharing, but that comes from the entire experience.
First the plan, the recipe. Then the shopping. The thrill of new and exotic,the experience in the store from the smell and well just the  whole store.

Befria understands food does not come in a box or a bag.

Your meal is a combination of ingredients, skill and yes, love.  It is very easy to grab a package of this or order a pre-set meal in a box online, but the experience starts with the selection.  The fresh fruit and vegetables, rolling them in your hands, finding just the correct ripeness for your discerning taste.

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Befria Foods Unpackaged for Life
Befria Foods Out Store
Befria was created to serve you needs.  How do we know what you need?  We are like you!

Years ago when the packages got bigger and our families got smaller we struggled with five gallons of mustard. One thousand tea bags.  Ten pounds of jujubes and gummie bears.  Yes, it was a bargain….if you could use it all before it went bad. 

Those big jars do make great door stops.

What we wanted was just what we wanted….not too big, not too small.  Was it really too much to ask for it to be just right? 

Well the answer was it really did not exist, the solution was not really out there.  The Big Box Club stores asked you to buy in bulk.  The smaller specialty stores had bins of things, small bags but not a big selection.  They still called it bulk

The answer was obvious,  we built the solution.

Befria Foods concept store
Befria Foods concept store interior

Befria is a ‘people friendly’ store.  Easy to shop with a huge product offering.  Fresh baked bread from the in-store bakery.  Fresh produce, a delicatessen where the meat is not in packages, cheeses cut to the size you want and yes, unpackaged, not bulk, food from around the world.

At Befria, we understand what you want, because we want the same thing.  If you would like to see more about the store please click…..learn more

Befria Foods Our Products
Befria Foods Our Promise

Ethical business comes in many forms.  It is important to us to give our word and keep our word.

1.  We promise to bring you product, un-packaged and allow you to purchase ad much or as little as you want and need.

2.  We promise to have a full range of products, soup to nuts you might say. What we when we say a full range of products, we mean that.  We will have food products from around the world and even some health and beauty products.

3.   Where we can we will source locally.

4.  If we cannot tell you where the product is from, we will not sell it to you.  We will clearly display where the product originated and share all the information with you.

There are more in our Code of Ethics than we can share in this space  and if you would like to read then, click this link……..learn more

Ever just wanted to try something, not commit to the 5 pound bag, you just want some for that meal you are making?

For years people have offered you this or that, and look around more and more things are ending up in packages.  For us at Befria, we knew the world had gone mad at individual jelly beans. Our years of retail experience tell us, and more importantly, you our customers tell us that you want freedom of choice, to be free of the excess packaging.

We shop the world to bring the products you want and need.  Some things are exotic, but that is where the excitement of the new experience kicks in and you get to have something totally new on your table.

Our stores carry between four and six thousand different unpackaged items,  staples like flour or baking supplies.  Spices from around the world.  Tea loose or tea in a bag but not in packages.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner, for the kids, for movie night yes, for our pets, we have you covered.

We also have fresh local produce, seasons permitting.  An in-store bakery, deli and cheese departments just so you do not need to buy more than a slice of that favorite cheese for the sandwich you just a craving.

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