The Befria Foods Promise

The Environment

Our prime ambition is the focus on the Three Rs,

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Looking around at the way our planet is being treated is upsetting. Some say think of future generations, our thoughts are of today, of how we are living in an ever enlarging garbage dump. The future is very important, but right now, this is where we have the opportunity to fix things.

When we look in the mirror, we see you looking back! 

It is important that you understand, we want the same things you do and we have put together our list of things that we feel are core values to us.

Three core sections, The Environment, Our Products, Our Staff are important to us.

Befria Foods Unpackaged for Life
Befria Foods Unpackaged for Life

Excessive Packaging


Easier to display?

Befria Foods Unpackaged for Life

Our Environmental Promise

1. We will not sell food in packages

2. You will be allowed to bring in your own containers to fill and reuse. 

3. We will have a special space for you to rinse and weigh your containers

4. The containers we supply will be recyclable

Our Products

Berfia brings products from all around the world. What we know is that the needs of our customers should not be restricted by distances or borders.

Spice, health and beauty, confections and fresh foods arrive daily in our stores. To do that we tried to meet both the economical factors of food purchasing, meaning, we know that there is a group of us that are price aware. We also try to meet the ethical issues that we are faced using a global supply.

Befria Foods Unpackaged for Life

Our product promises are made to you at the product in the store. The signage will indicate to you the information you need to make the decision that best suits you and your personal choices.

Supporting your choices are important to us at Befria.

Our Produce Promise

Befria Foods Unpackaged for Life
Befria Foods Unpackaged for Life

1, We will clearly mark where the product originated from, not just where it shipped from, but what country grew or made the product.

2. We will clearly mark products from ‘ethical’ sources

3. The product health information will be displayed and also available to you in the Befria app.

4.We will stand behind our products and offer a 100% guarantee on your purchases.

5. We will source where possible from local growers and manufacturers

Our Team Members

The people that work the stores, in the office,the warehouses and the trucks, these people are the most important part of the Befria business. Without the efforts of each and every member of the Befria team, we cannot meet your needs or the goals of Befria.

Our Team Promise

1. Respect. We will always respect the individual. Regardless of where a person is from, their beliefs or orientations, once they are members of the Befria team, they will always have the respects of everyone on our team.

2. Wages. Befria will meet and exceed minimum wages of the jurisdiction by 20%. The one thing that we firmly believe in, our team members need a living wage. 

3. Pride. Befria will help each team member to build pride in themselves through training and incentive rewards.

4.Security. Whether the team members works in a franchise store or a corporate store they will be protected and have the rights to highlight and have mediated issues that impact them and the performance in their position.

There is a comprehensive employee standards booklet that outlines the expectations, the benefits and the procedures that Befria team members have to make the workplace a safe and happy environment.

Befria believes we can be responsible and strive to make the world a better place.