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Bulk foods, what is it really?

Bulk foods at the membership stores means  HUGE   packages, multiples of this or that, but you are buying in bulk to save. 900 rolls of toilet tissue, 5 gallons of mustard, six bags of the same snacks. 

These work great if you are feeding the football team or running your own store. In the United States the average household has just over two and a half people in it. That has been declining for the last 50 years. Why if the households have less people are the packages getting bigger? We will tell you why….. it is better for the manufacturer to move LOTS of merchandise in one trip rather than small quantities of merchandise over many trips. 

Befria Foods Big Bag
Befria Foods: sample of fake bulk food

Let’s go look at the other version of bulk food. Health food and grocery stores introduced something called Bulk Food. They bought the great big bag and dump them into small containers for you to take home. The bulk in this case is how they buy.

 Befria is not a bulk food store. 

Befria is the ‘un-packaged’ store. 

We buy merchandise from around the world, from the same companies whose product you are all ready buying in smaller or maybe, bigger packages. Name brands that you know and trust with out a package.

You maybe asking what do you mean without a package?

Take your favorite snack food. Sit down for the movie or the big game, you dump the snacks in a bowl, the packaging, it heads to the garbage. Maybe the recycling. The package is just the way to get your snacks from the factory to your living room. Bring in your own container, get it weighed empty and now you get to take home as much of your favorite snacks as you want. The three bags you threw away last week, not there. The cost of the bags are not there either. Packaging costs money, money you throw away.

Befria has bags in store for you to use. You can grab a bag and load it up, full as you want.

When you empty it at home, our bag heads to the recycle container. They are 100% recyclable and for those who want to, compostable. 

Befria Foods Sample of bags

What do we really sell?

Do you want just one chocolate covered almond? Maybe two? Ten pounds of golden brown sugar? Two dog biscuits and a rawhide for your four legged friend?

Befria Foods Choc Almond

Soup to nuts, sweet to spicy, Befria brings you a selection of un-packaged products for you to incorporate into every course of every meal of your day. We stock over 4,000 un-packaged products

Cake & Cookie mixes, Flour, Grains, Dried and Candied Fruits, Baking Supplies, Candy ( Soft, Hard, Chocolate covered, sweet or sour and yes sugar free too), Chocolate (Dark, Milk, for Baking or ) Snack foods, Nuts, Cereals and Trail mix. Spices and Seasonings, Coffee, Tea (loose and bagged), Rice, Dried Beans and Soup starters, Pasta, Jams, Jelly. Pie Fillings, Fresh Ground Nut butters, Dog Food, Cat Food, Bird Food. Sugars, Specialty Diet Foods including a full range of gluten free products. Fresh in-store baked bread, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and deli meats